Scenic Byway 12, Utah

July 21, 2016

I’m a photo enthusiast and the western part of US  landscape always has been my ultimate destination.  In the past month, June 29, I had a chance  to drive up to the Capital Reef National Park by the Scenic Byway 12, which one of the most scenic highways in America. The Scenic Byway 12, also known as Utah Highway 12, passes through the Red Rock Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and it arrives at Torrey in the Capital Reef National Park. It’s about 110 miles from the Bryce Canyon and takes about 2 hours by a car.


Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a must stop, and I drove all the way up to the Natural Bridge. In November, 2015, I had a chance to see the Natural Bridge first time when it snowed, but unfortunately missed it due to the heavy snow and road block.  This time I was very pleased to eyewitness the beauty of nature with crimson color.


Castle with an American Flag

The roadside scenery along the Highway 12 is beautiful and I found myself many interesting rock formations. The huge and sheer cliff rock which looks like a castle built on the top with a tiny American flag posted was one of them.


The Head of Rocks Overlook

There are two major viewpoints within nicely paved parking lot. The Head of Rocks Overlook is definitely the one you must stop by. It provides expansive views out across the Escalante Canyons where colorful slickrock stretches almost as far as the eye can see. Some 168 million years ago, the geological formation of this area was sand dunes, but it is now being transformed to sand stone. Don’t forget to take out your camera, and taking photos all direction. Guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful moment of shutter clicking time.


Boynton Overlook

Boynton Overlook is another stop briefly after the Head of Rocks. It gives visitors a bird’s-eye view of the riparian area along the twisting Escalante River. According to the given information it provides habitats for birds and animal. However, I hadn’t noticed any waters running at the bottom of the canyon but only green vegetation.

In conclusion, the Scenic Byway 12 is mind-blowing and you should try on if you are heading for the Capital Reef National Park. However, be aware of that there are many open ranches are across the road, especially 30 miles of proximity before Torrey. Cows are everywhere in the middle of road, and I had a little accident hitting a cow at a rainy dark night. You must report it to the Utah Highway patrol if you hit a cow. If you don’t, it’s a hit n run. As far as you have an insurance, it will take care of you. The best way to avoiding cow is not driving at night. Drive safely, and thank you for reading my first blog posting.

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