Burrowing Owl And June Bug

According to All about bird ID description, “Burrowing Owls are small owls with long legs and short tails. The head is rounded and does not have ear tufts. They can be founded in glass land, deserts, or dry area with little vegetation.” Unlike other owls, they live in an underground hole dug by prairie dogs. The Ontario Airport and the Salton Sea are the known locations in Southern California to the bird photographers. And I have seen many photos of the small owls taken by fellow photographers from those spots.


Fortunately, the first time in life in September 2018,  I had a chance to take a picture of Burrowing Owls in Ontario, which is only 20 miles away from my home.  I took a family of owls, the photo below, that came out of the underground nest and perched to take sun-bath in the morning.


Recently I returned to Ontario. I took dynamic photos of owls that in flight and hunting June Bugs. Speaking of June Bug, “it derives the name from the fact that adult June bugs emerge from the soil at the end of spring in May or the beginning of the summer in June.”


As a matter of fact, June bug became a significant food resource throughout the summer to the owls.  Otherwise, many bird photographers are dying to capture the moment of hunting June bugs. I was one of them. Every weekend, I went to the spot to get the best shot.  Taking a picture of the owls in flight is very difficult. and it demands a lot of patience for the right timing. The photo that I posted above is a lucky shot. It seems to be the owl grabbed a June bug in the claw.  The photo below reveals the moment after hunting. It definitely shows a June Bug in the owl’s mouth. It’s not a perfect picture but I’m glad that I finally have one.


For the photographing Burring Owls, I used Nikon D500 with Nikon 300mm PF F4 telephoto lens. If you want to see more owl photos, please visit my website at https://www.josephchoiphoto.com/Bird/